We live in a world in which dreams from books and films come to life every day. We believe, that innovation is the driving force of our civilization. Inventors and visionaries have lead us here and will take us far beyond what we can imagine today.

We proudly take part in this sprint of human thought. We support revolutionary start-ups, develop new software and take on difficult challenges for our clients. While employing agile management methodology, most promising technologies and best business practices we want to create breakthrough innovations that will change our reality and our future.

Strategy and communication

Every breakthrough starts with a need, often foggy, unconscious at first. We define those needs, research their market potential and deliver best solutions to meet them.

In a world without borders we possess ability to develop complex solutions for even narrow market niches. We design and position these solutions in designated markets through best practices of branding, marketing, publicity and social campaigns. We test them with live consumer groups in every stage of development to ensure market success.

Software development

In a fast changing world of IT pace and flexibility make up difference between failure and success.

We follow rules of agile development to maintain quick adaptation capability and employ lean management techniques to minimize cost, especially in early phases of development. We search for and recruit best talent in cooperation with elite technical universities. Together with best design practices we are sure to deliver on time and budget. We constantly raise the bar for ourselves and our competition.

Startup financing

Even the best idea stays in the realm of wishful thinking without necessary resources.

In today’s world this means stable financing. We secure equity for innovative concepts from different sources: government and EU grants, banks, angel investors and VC’s. We develop investment strategies for startups. For members of our investor network, we offer investment opportunities in carefully selected startups with highest potential and design diversified portfolio strategies to minimize risk.


BoxHouse is a property management software simplifying and automating tasks like settlements, vindication, communication with tenants, financial analyses and much more. It is a simple app for everyone: private real estate investors, office space operators and large scale commercial space rentals.

Software is currently available in beta version at in English and Polish.


Alto is a social discovery app showing nearby friends from smartphone address book. Users can communicate through dedicated IM system.

Available for iPhone and Google Glass. App is available in AppStore.


GeoForum is an app designed for discussions in local context like communication with neighbors, travel mates, places we live in and places we visit.

AppStore premiere is planned for June 2014, Google Play by fall 2014.


BikeRadar helps to locate available bikes in Warsaw's Veturilo public bike system as well as in other NextBike systems in Europe.

BikeRadar is available for download in the AppStore. Google Play premiere is planned for the Fall of 2014.

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